Friday, August 27, 2010

Pack Your Pole - Share With the Monkeys

Jungle View of Pacific Ocean, Carate, Costa Rica Photographic Poster Print by Jeff Randall, 24x32 

Soiree and it's partners are always in the top of the game, looking for the best to bring to you! Now we are taking it on the road. Over workouts, business meetings (and a glass of wine) our team has put together an amazing event. A 3 tiered international culturally rich cocktail social/performance, intro. classes AND certifications, right on the beautiful yoga platform overlooking the Costa Rican jungle of one of our International sponsors, Spa Uno.

Experience the best of the area. Socials and performances will be at the elite Karolas, Republik, & Liquid clubs, while classes and certifications are at Spa Uno, the top Day Spa in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. 

Exclusive Cirque De Soiree Costa Rica: October 8th - 18th 2010. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
  • Presentations @ exclusive socials October 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th $10 cover charge or V.I.P. in package
  • Jungle Intro. Classes:October 11th, 12th  $20 per individual class. or included in package
  • Jungle Intro. Certifications: 14th, 15th, 16th $1,000 individual certification or included in package

Exclusive Package Options: (8th - 18th)
  • 1 - Full Access Pass/Meals/Social/Spa with Accomodation and Airfare: $3,700 - 50% deposit
  • 2 - V.I.P Certification/Social with Accomodation: $2,200 - 50% deposit
  • 3 - V.I.P Al a Carte Classes/Social with Accomodation: $1,200 - 50% deposit
Share your pole with the spider monkeys, titi's and congos, and show them who is boss!! We have head liners and competitors that you will want to see, and our group will receive V.I.P., access to all the hottest local clubs, dinner/drink specials, no cover charge, beautiful accomodations, access to the most popular local Day Spa with top treatments, and a cultural rich experience in Costa Rica. Email us for full itinerary and registration.

All attendees receive V.I.P., service and us as your personal concierge. If you think we have fun at our local Soirees, wait until you see us UN-CUT. Check out our location.
Central Pacific Coast Costa Rica and Soiree host town.


Please click through to put down your deposit now at  or contact us at  50% of total package due at sign up. Remainder due 15 days prior to package date. Cancellations less than 15 from date, will forfeit deposit. This is the ONLY DATE for 2010 Costa Rica. Take advantage now, AND enjoy a unique V.I.P., cultural experience with US as your personal concierge.

Brush up on your Spanish my little pole jedi's, Costa Rica here we come! 

Sponsored by Karolas, Manuel Antonio, Spa Uno Manuel Antonio, Pole Fitness Association, Studio Soiree, Lovely Lorinda, Fuerza Vertical Soiree Costa Rica, Somer Photography, Republik Night Club, Liquid Night Club, and our other HEADLINERS to be announced. 

If you would like to get this info. in Espanol for your own promotions and peeps, let us know! Frommer's Costa Rica 2010 (Frommer's Color Complete Guides)

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Future of Fitness - Future of Pole Men?


charlie @ pole sinsations

Yes, yes, there are both. But it's not men vs. women. Wheew. Thank goodness for that guys because the strength our students and competitors have will give you a big run for your money!

If you've been in the industry for a while you know the fast paced growth that is hitting the pole fitness and sports industry. I'm loving it. My body and mind are stronger than ever.

If  you haven't been in the industry for long and are just hearing about this as a "trend", trust me, it's here to stay. We love to have new converts to the sport who are just beginning to experience a new blooming of themselves. It is very addictive, especially when you see the amazing results in your body while your having so much fun.

Social workouts are also on the rise in health and pole sport/dance/fitness is a perfect fit for it. Social Workouts include more and more interest in co-ed pole fitness classes for trainers and studios. That's more men looking for alternative work outs, and in our studios, and the professional industry as a whole!

More and more men are gaining strength and flexibility, along with lots of new competitive peers with pole sport/fitness. Charlie (above) tries out some moves at the San Diego studio of Pole Sensations. David, blogs about his JLN studio experience in the U.K. here:
Friday, 02 July 2010
If someone would have said to me six months ago that I’d be pole dancing at a half-decent standard and hanging upside...  

Dave Kahn spins his enthusiasm about pole sports, as the current male international ultimate pole dance champion."Yes.  I love pole for its athleticism, its creativity and constant evolution that allows one to focus on their own continuous improvement." says Kahn. That's an enlightened man. Men are doing more than watching pole dance and fitness these days, a big step up from the "hoochie coo" pole dance of the prohibition era, huh ladies? (and gents)

International representative Przeplasko from Poland gives her feedback on men in pole sport and in pole competition. “As a leisure activity, it appeals more to women than men because some movements are inspired by exotic dance elements which embrace strength in femininity,” Przeplasko explains. “However, the Chinese Pole, which has begun to cross over into mainstream pole dancing, has been dominated for centuries by all-male Chinese state circus troupes. This has led to a rise in men undertaking pole dancing.” She has seen a large rise in men in pole sport/fitness.

The 2009 international competitions brought in more men and 2010/2011 is ringing in a new era for male competitors.


We have had the pleasure of training and working with some excellent men in the studio. Men from all backgrounds and walks of life. Younger men who rock climb, to professionals looking for a workout with a twist, to middle aged men who are making life changes. Men get your sexy back!

The pole dance industry may have began in the U.S. with women, but some men think it's an easier sport for men. Say what?

We know that physiologically men naturally have more shoulder and upper body strength than women. (our naturally strongest body area is the thighs) So it would seem that this would be an instantly "easy" thing for men to do. However many men are surprised how much core strength and balance it takes for many moves. Including an intermediate move such as the "reverse crucifix", "crucifix" & "pencil hold". This is a completley different space for them, and we love them for doing it, and perfecting it!  Check out "pole dancer fan" on you tube. A middle aged father who practices his moves in his basement. ANYONE can do this!

To set up co-ed, or men's pole sport fitness classes I encourage you to contact our studio owners and partners below. We are happy to customize classes for men, core, competition, certification and performances. Just let us know. See all you pole women and MEN in the studio! or 801 486 0054.

lorinda @ studio soiree
lizz @ studio soiree

Collette @ OC Pole Fitness

More Resources:
Pole 2 Pole Magazine
Pole Dance International Magazine
Pole Spin Magazine

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Compete or Not to Compete?


Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)Ladies (and gents) we love supporting our students and instructors, almost ALL whom have competed and won levels of competitions and live performances around the nation!

Each of us has gotten into Pole Fitness for many different reasons, you know yours, and it's beautiful. It's personal! Some of us share, some of us don't, some compete, some don't. Whatever you're reason, it's now become a popular sport of flexibility and strength, in homes, suburbs, and businesses like never before.

We know not ALL of us have to compete to enjoy our "sport", so just dance like no one is looking and if you want more tips and support, or if you do make the decision to perform and compete, check out our tips here, and keep perfecting you're sport with flair and individuality.


Many ladies out there now are hoping to get to Tokyo by winning the American Pole Fitness championship in October, in NYC. Good luck to our own ladies there, Zoraya and Pantera! September will host the Miss Pole Dance Canada, in Vancouver, and Zurich will head up the World Pole Sport & Fitness Competition in October. Where ever you are in the world, there is opportunity to build some of your own routines and get involved in whatever level you see fit! Did I mention it's personal?

 If you're looking to become competitive or create a jump in this sport, take a look at some of our TIPS.

  • Core and strength is best perfected on a static pole
  • Perfect techniques preferably barefoot for strength via class, private instruction, DVD's and seminars
  • If you get injured, strained or sprained, take time off and HEAL, don't push your body, it performs best with some rest.
  • Work on shoulder strength with handstands, pull up, and free weights, your arms and core are your static hold strength.
  • Work your way through local competitions to national and international gaining recognition and more room to gain sponsors
  • Seek sponsorship to train full time and represent some great companies in the meantime.
  • Check the rules. Competitions may have different rules, our industry is changing with regulations, accreditations etc.
  • Lastly, keep an open mind. If you do, so will others!

Take a look at the following tips for winning best pole tricks! (a title currently held by our lovely PANTERA, in the studio this week.)
    • Unique consecutive combinations of 3 or more moves.
    • Demonstrating
    • Extreme flexibility.
    • Strength.
    • Courage.
    • Continual variety of moves on the poles.
    • To include the spinny pole and static poles.
    • Using full height and circumference of the poles.
    • Demonstrating moves from both left and right hand lead.
    • To include inverts at all levels on the pole.
    • Static pole poses, vertically and horizontally.
    • Variation of speeds, slow controlled and fast motion.
    • Fluid transitions.
    • Pole tricks to include the use of no hands.
    Thanks for readin'. Holla at us on facebook, and tell your friends to follow!

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    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    "Soiree Stories" Raw Behind the Scenes

    Soon you'll see tid bits from our Soiree Allstars with "Soiree Stories", showcasing student spotlights, inspiring stories, behind the scenes and getting down and dirty with the instructors.

    Stay tuned........

    We Are Back & Still Love You

    I know, I know it's been a while since we've posted. Seems like we lost our way from the bread trail, like Hansel & Gretal. Don't worry it was just a slight detour because the studio has been jumpin' !! Sudents, classes, national seminars, certifications, TWO NEW STUDIO OPENINGS, judging and international invitations. Whewwww!

    We still love you and can't wait to tell you all about some upcoming events!

    We had such a great time at the New York show, and our bright and shining star, and SOIREE owner, Lizz Schofield, had a presention that was a big hit, along with selling out on our hot tank tops and original flashcards.

    SOIREE just completed our bi-annual Miss Pole Fitness Competition and crowned the beautiful Alexa as our winner. Judging included the amount of tips, crowd noise and support, technique, style, and our owner and instructor judging. Congrats Alexa!

    The beautiful lady above is none other than the "vertical gymnast & glorified monkey" of pole, PANTERA BLACKSMITH. (you can follow her more at )

    She will be at the Salt Lake Studio Soiree next week. Aug 5th with intermediate and core classes, and Aug. 6th with the UBER advanced class. Plus she is staying on for an evening of meet and greet, drinks, fun, mingling, photo autographs and just plain fun. Sign up at:

    August is a hot month for us. Two of our top ladies will be performing at the EAST MEETS WEST competition, and they have been working on a really dynamic routine that is going to kick a@*! Good luck to Sarah McGinnis & Somer Ahonen.

    If you're attending EAST MEETS WEST on August 13-15 in Hollywood you will be blown out of the water. Our first lady, Lizz Schofield will also be there with the PFA and representing Soiree. Show your support:

    Of course later in the year Studio Soiree has it's famous Masquerade Party, and our Christmas Recital, among other events and happenings.

    We have a lot of plans for the future of STUDIO SOIREE, so keep updated with posts, our newsletters, and of course, I'm sure you'll run into to us somewhere in that social network!

    (Want to become a Pole Fitness Instructor? Get certififed at Soiree within 3 months!)

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    How I Decided to Become a Trainer

    I am currently undergoing certification to be a trainer of Pole Fitness for Level 1, 2, 3 and 4.  The certification is intense – shadowing at least 16 classes a month, soaking up as much Pole Knowledge as possible, a Practical exam with fellow participants, all this while also being a mom, wife and undergoing summer vacation.  How will I ever get this all done?  And, WHY ON EARTH DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS????

    If you haven’t read the very first blog on this, um, blog, then you may not know that I just turned 40.  Yep.  The big 4-0.  I am really happy to be 40, especially since I look terrific and I still act like a 21 year old (when I can!).  However, you may not know that I was not the fitness junkie that I am now until six months prior to my big birthday.  You may not know that I have two teenage daughters (16 and 14 – Zoe and Phoebe), you may not know that I am also a Sunday School Teacher to Senior High aged kids (and have been for years!), you may not know that I have been married for 18 years and have known my husband for more than half my life.  And, you may not know that I used to work for Foreign Economic Development Agencies helping countries attract US businesses to their areas.  Fitness stuff was definitely not my forte!

    So, why did I sign up to punish my body and wreak havoc on my family and schedule?  Simple.  I was in Love…..Not like the way I heart Pantera, but in love with the way my old body was really coming into its own.  My waist was so much trimmer than before.  My thighs are so strong and non-jiggly.  And, I think my face even looks more Glowy (if that is even a word).  And, besides all that, I had something I had been lacking for a while – Girlfriends!  Not the type who talk bitchily behind your back, or try to steal your boyfriend (had a couple of those!).  Not the type who constantly think they can do anything that you do better.  But the type that encourages you.  The type that helps you figure out how to do the next tough move.  The type that is so excited when you succeed.  Real Girlfriends.  Not just the Instructors, but each student that walks through the doors.  Encouraging, supportive, fabulous, girlfriends! 

    I wanted to be part of the Studio and the Sport that encouraged women to like each other.  I wanted to be intimately involved in the process of taking a new woman into the studio and showing her that she is terrific, she is beautiful and that she CAN do it!

    How could I say no to an opportunity like that!?

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    Busy Weekend at the Studio

    You know how sometimes you putter along in your week....rather boring, nothing special happening, then ALL OF A SUDDEN, someone tells you about an event or party or something really fun to do over the weekend and then your week changes?  Like, it gets more anticipatory?  Like, you are 12 again and you KNOW you get to go to Disneyland on Saturday?  

    Well, I am here to make a difference in your weekend.  What are Blogging Friends for?  Here are two events both this weekend, sure to make your week more exciting as you count down the days!

    FRIDAY, JUNE 5 at Studio Soiree


    Be there at 9:00pm for a fun fun fun party that doubles as a benefit for our Sara's daughter, Kia, and a welcome home party for Sara's Soldier husband, Page.  He just got back from Afghanistan where he spent time sleeping through sand storms, avoiding gun fire, dodging those nasty camel spiders we've all seen on YouTube, and NOW, you have a chance to say "THANKS"!

    This party is also the last chance for all of us to help Sara and Page send Kia to Europe with the People to People program.  Sara has been doing all sorts of fun fundraisers over the past few months and this is the next to last chance you will get to be part of the group that will get to say "I was a part of this!" So, bring your checkbook or some cash and give as freely as you can.  EVERY donation is accepted!  

    While there will be some alcohol at the studio, we encourage you to bring your own and share with friends.  

    See you at the Studio at 9:00pm on June 5th.  Bring your friends!


    Is your car dirty from the blasted rain we have been experiencing? Don't Fear!  We are having a Car Wash!  And, OUR car wash involves beautiful ladies wearing Bikinis!  What's not to love!  This is THE VERY LAST fundraiser to help our own Sara's daughter Kia get to Europe.  Bring all your dirty cars and let Sara and her bevy of beautiful friends wash them clean!

    SATURDAY, JUNE 6 starting at 10:00am At the Lone Star Steak House Parking Lot

    Lone Star Steak House Parking Lot
    2100 South 1250 East

    Car Wash, and a lemonade stand run by Kia!